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This eBook covers the basic areas of spell casting to assist you for your descent into the world of BLACK MAGIC.

Included are exercises to strengthen your magical awareness.

Plus you also receive two FREE spells to get you started NOW.

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Hey Akelta, I can't honestly thank you enough for you energies of the universe guide. I just cast the protection spell in the book and tried the energy ball and energy feeling exercises. I've never felt such results. After the spell actually felt the energy move to my third eye and strangly my chest felt like it was tightening. I kind of imagined my soul their. Anyways thanks for the amazing free e-book. I'm surprised your not charging for it. Thanks, blessed be.

--Denny D.

I used Alekta's "Get over a break up" spell when I was going through a hard time after leaving someone. Using the spell made me able to move on with my life and really go after the kind of relationship I want. I no longer feel tied down the all the emotional baggage that comes with a break up.
Thanx Akelta!

--Erin D.

The spells Akelta provides in her book are very effective and well written. She is very knowledgeable and well versed.

--Zara Z.

Again, I want to thank you for taking the extra time to help me on my path. I have downloaded other ebooks on magick in the past, but I think yours is the best that I've seen on the web.


Wanted to let you know how the DOT FOCUSING is going for me, been a week now, it`s actually fun to do & I`m left w/ great energy, & mental clarity, & I`ve found I can focus anywhere, no more energy drain from people in question too. Thanks for your help.

--Priestess M.

“What do Ancient Witches, Powerful Magicians like Aleister Crowley, and Abramelin the Mage
know about casting spells that you don't? ”

"What if you could discover the secrets of black magic
and learn everything you need to know about spell
magic rituals, and controlling the forces of
nature, darkness and the spirit world?

Name: Priestess Akelta

The scariest thing about dealing with Black Magic is the fear of not fully understanding what you’re dealing with and losing control.

How do you control these powerful forces without losing yourself to them in the process?

How do you avoid being attacked by your rivals? What can you do to protect yourself from them?

These are all valid concerns and you need to be able to deal with them in order to be an effective mage.

If you would like to finally learn how to get control over these powerful forces, unlock your true potential and greatly improve the quality of your life then you’ve come to the right place.

How did I get started on this path?

When I was six years old, I was told that my Great Grandmother had been a little "off". She talked about auras and the spirits that flowed through the earth. She talked about spells and hexes. I was intrigued, but found a lot of my current relatives were reluctant to discuss the events of our family's past history.

That just peaked my curiosity even more so I went looking, searching deep into my ancestral past. What I found was better than a gold mine!

For over 10 years I have been researching, uncovering and practicing the ancient teachings that run in my blood. I have discovered hidden texts, black books, and secrets locked away for generations. This dedication has also led me to discover the works of other great magicians, such as Aleister Crowley, King Solomon and Abramelin the Mage.

My journey of spiritual growth continued as I learned and mastered more and more each day. I began learning how to control the forces of nature and summon powerful deities to do my biddings. Through my journey, I have shown amazing abilities with tarot reading, aura drawing and spell-casting.

But it wasn’t easy to get to this point. I started to talk to others who were also exploring the dark realm, but I found that there was a lot of fear and false information surrounding it.

The true knowledge was being kept hidden in secret and people mislead others to keep the power for themselves.

It was then I decided to help others learn to embrace the power within themselves and unlock their full magical potential.

I must admit that after trawling the net I was somewhat sceptical and jaded about having to spend on an e-book but this subject was one which I wanted to grasp full knowledge.

I was confused as to the abundance of multifarious and conflicting information.

Then by accident I discovered BlackMagicSecrets and to be honest with you it has radically changed my life insofar as I know where I am going and more importantly when and how. In addition, has saved me hours and hours of time and effort searching. I can honestly say that itís the best bit of information I have ever had and I canít recommend it highly enough.

~Christina S.

Are you ready to start this journey?

I can understand how you may be feeling about being able to control the powerful forces of black magic, avoiding being the victim of attack and also avoid having your spells backfire, hurting you or those around you, because I’ve been there myself.

I’ve had spells backfire on me! I even witnessed my friend being attacked by an angry spirit and let me tell you that was no picnic. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone, except maybe my enemies. ;-)

So I can appreciate your concerns about dealing with black magic. I’ve spent my life looking for the answers to these problems and more. Once I started putting all the pieces together I knew I was on the right track. I was so excited with the results that I was getting that I couldn’t wait to share this with my friends.

They were thrilled to learn things that no one else wanted to share with them. I was able to explain and teach them about things like…

  1. What are the Dark Energies of Black Magic? Understand what you’re dealing with so that you can harness and control these elements.

  2. Discover the Internal Darkness that resides within you. You learn how to protect yourself by understanding yourself.

  3. Know how to control the dark energies of Black Magic & Have the power to control the forces of darkness.

  4. What the dark realm is NOT. Make sure you understand what is going on.

  5. The rules of spell casting. Learn what you can and can not do when casting spells.

  6. Constructing your dark alter. This allows you to enhance your energies so that you can perform powerful and effective spells.

  7. Casting the Black Magic Circle. Have a safe place to practice your spells and increase your power.

  8. Be able to locate dark energy. So that you can use it to locate spirits to do your bidding and recharge your energy and learn new spells from your spirit guides.

  9. Casting Black Magic Spells. Gives you the ability to get exactly what you want.

  10. Understand the creatures of the dark world. If you understand what you’re dealing with you will be a lot safer.

  11. Communicating with the dead. Learn the knowledge of those that went before you and get their help.

  12. Black magic can consume you. Avoid karmic retribution to avoid nasty things happening to you.

  13. Discussion on evil. Learn how far you can go so that you do not stray off the path and destroy yourself. And so on…

… As you can see there is a lot to learn about black magic and dealing within this forbidden realm.

Many people take a lot of this for granted and others are afraid to allow you to venture here. That is why we discuss these area’s in detail so that you know what you’re getting into and know how to deal with what ever comes your way.

Knowledge is only potential power, having the ability to use and control these forces is ultimate power. And after all isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Understand the darkness that exists and how to use
these elements to safely cast spells.

By understanding the dark energies found in the world you now have the ability to know what you can and can not use in getting the results you want with your spells. Learn to…

  1. Reduce your risk of exposure so that youíre not dealing with forces that can or will destroy you.

  2. Get an understanding of what lies within yourself in order to help you grow as a powerful mage.

  3. Become knowledgeable of the different kinds of darkness and be able to identify them.

  4. Be able to identify if you or a member of your family have been cursed and what you can do about it.

… The world is filled with great powers and the world of darkness is no exception. Everyone has darkness in them so by tapping into that side of you it gives you balance and allows your power to grow.

Darkness is essential to unlocking your full power. Having the ability to understand exactly what you’re dealing with allows you to have control and to avoid venturing into areas that may harm you.

Darkness resides in us all, by learning to control this
power inside you, you gain control over your life.

To truly understand ones self is the ultimate form of power. For if you know how to control yourself you can do anything in life. If you fail at understanding your self you will never accomplish anything, and live a bland, boring existence.

  1. Learn to unleash the great mage within you.

  2. Avoid the biggest pitfalls made by mages that will hold you back from greatness.

  3. Be able to cast spells from all areas not just Black Magic.

  4. Learn to master your energies so that you can sculpt the body of your dreams, captivating those around you with enchanting energies.

…It is said that true greatness comes from within. You will learn to harness and unleash your true potential for casting powerful spells.

Your book is very enlightening and you have a wonderful, precise way of explaining things in everday language so that they make sense. Your altruistic approach to others is refreshing in this age of discrimination. Thank you for sharing your insights, experience, and beliefs! You bring a wonderful balance of harmony between darkness and light. Reading your book is uplifting, encouraging, and provides positive guidance.

~ L.W.
Rancho Cucamonga

Darkness allows you to truly get in touch with yourself and what you want from your body, you will learn how to control the dark energies and use them to manipulate your body, making you desirable to those around you.

You’ll learn what the dark realm is NOT so that you
can avoid the classic mistakes made by amateurs.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and myth associated to dealing with the black arts. You’ll learn to cut through the garbage and get a true understanding of what is going on, like…

  1. Command darkness with complete focus and control.

  2. Understand what a true sacrifice is. It’s not about killing innocent baby’s or animals.

  3. Avoid getting caught up in the stereo typical image of a dark mage.

  4. Learn what it takes to be a true master of the craft.

… People have a false sense of what darkness is and are misguided about black magic. You will have a greater grasp of the power and potential of what this dark realm is and is not. This will give you a great advantage over most of the so called black magic mages out there.

In anything worth doing there are rules and guide
lines to follow in order to be safe and effective, black
magic is no exception.

If you were going to learn to disarm a bomb you would want to really know what you’re doing. Casting spells with black magic is no different. You’ll learn all the in’s and out’s like…

  1. Learn to control the one thing that is a killer to effective spell casting.

  2. Be able to get revenge on those that want to harm you.

  3. Discover how to stay in control in all situations.

  4. Learn to master the skills to be able to project your mind into places you only dreamed of.

…After learning these rules you will be able to keep yourself safe and know what you can get away with when it comes to dealing with your enemies.

You’ll have a great understanding of how spells work and be able to know the difference between ones that will work and those that are full of it.

Discover how to construct an alter that will enhances
the power of your spells.

You’re alter is the area that allows you to enhance your ability to cast black magic spells. It is your sanctuary of effectiveness and power. You will be able to…

  1. Increase the energy of your spells.

  2. Cast effective and powerful spells.

  3. Discover the tools you need, which are easily attained.

  4. Learn how to watch those who threaten you from the safety of your altar and know when they will strike against you.

…An altar is a magician’s sanctuary, their safe zone; you should feel entirely comfortable within its protective energies.

This book will teach you how to construct a very powerful altar that makes uses of the forces of light, nature and darkness, so that you will be ready for anything that should threaten you.

Learn to cast a Black Magic circle that will protect you
when casting spells.

The circle is your sanctuary of protection and allows you to cast your spells in a safe area from all harm. It will aid you in…

  1. Staying grounded so you will be effective.

  2. Protect you from spirits and energies outside of the circle, and give yourself full control over what comes in.

  3. Increases the energy frequency of the area around you so your spells will take effect faster.

  4. Learn the basics of the circle so you can design your own to suit your needs.

…When dealing with powerful forces one can never be to careful. By understanding the benefits of using the proper circle you will become more grounded and powerful.

Be able to locate dark energies that can assist you in
your efforts.

The purpose of dealing in black magic is to gain power and control from hidden forces. If you can not locate and get their assistance then you have nothing but empty wishes. Here you will learn…

  1. Be able to see the energies around you.

  2. Have the ability to replenish your own energies (black magic can be very draining).

  3. Find allies in the spirit world to help make you stronger and share with you their secrets.

  4. Sacred places that inspire creativity and abundance in nature.

…having the ability to harness the energies around you will allow you to stay focused, energized and give you in-depth clarity.

Great magicians know everything that is around them even if they cannot see it. Being able to see what is not there gives you an advantage over others.

Enjoy Black Magic spells that you can start casting to get what you want.

You will learn over 20 easy to cast spells that are guaranteed to show amazing results within your life.These spells are easy to cast and are incredibly effective as long as you follow the rules laid out for you.

You will also learn the template for spell casting allowing you to create your own spells for your individual needs. Then…

  1. You’ll be able to remove any curse that your enemies may have placed on you.

  2. Cast a powerful revenge spell to stop you’re enemies in their tracks.

  3. Make someone tell you the truth.

  4. Bind another witch before they can bind you.

  5. Learn the secrets of ancient gypsy’s curses and why they are so effective.

  6. Learn to draw money to you like a magnet.

  7. Learn how to get the gods on your side so that you can always have the look of youth and beauty within you.

  8. And so much more…

…these are just a few of the Black Magic spells that you will have available to you. Plus with everything you learn you will be able to design your own spells to get the exact results you’re looking for.

Understand the creatures of the dark world so they
can help you do your bidding.

When using black magic it’s always a great thing to have the assistance of powerful creatures that are not bound by our worldly limitations.

But in order to receive their help it would be a very good idea to understand who and what you are dealing with. Then you will be able to…

  1. Understand the different types of demons that you may encounter on your journeys.

  2. Understand psychic vampires and the benefits of avoiding them and also how to use these powers to your advantage.

  3. Learn how to deal with ghosts bothering you or members of your family.

  4. Learn how to banish annoying creatures from your home so that they do not bother you.

…there are a lot of different creatures that you may come across on your journey to becoming a dark mage. Being able understand and use these powerful entities to help you can be a great advantage.

This could be the one thing that gives you an edge over your enemies.

Communicating with the dead gives you the ability to
tap into abundant resources.

When you’re dealing with creatures like ghosts, it is always a great asset to be able to communicate with them in a way that won’t end in you becoming possessed.

After learning these skills you’ll be able to…

  1. Safely communicate with different types of spirits.

  2. Identify were the spirit it is on its journey.

  3. Be able to summon spirits and learn from them.

  4. Avoid being taken by spirits that are restless.

…by being able to handle and communicate with the dead you are more able to tap into resources that you never thought possible. It can also give you answers to pressing questions in your life or the lives of those around you.

Avoid being consumed by the powers of Black Magic and learn what you can do to protect yourself.

No one ever said that dealing with these powerful forces would be a walk in the park. There are inherent risks to dealing in the realm of dark powers.

By having a way to protect yourself and avoid these risks you can safely navigate through these areas. You will learn…

  1. Learn the things you need to do to avoid being consumed by the powers of darkness.

  2. What exactly is Karma and how does it work.

  3. The dangers of abusing your powers.

  4. Finding balance to get the most out of your new found skills.

…these are some of the reasons why so many teachers are scared to teach you about the black arts.

Power can corrupt, if you are not prepared for what lays ahead you can end up destroying yourself. And that is not the results were looking for.

And so much more….

“Save over $700 by learning to cast your own Black
Magic spells”

You can spend as much as $700 to have someone cast a spell for you. Or you could spend over a $1000 on books and courses where you will learn only a fraction of what you will get here.

With the Secret Teachings of Black Magic eBook you will learn the Secrets of Black Magic and how to cast your own powerful spells. I have also included over 20 spells that you can start using right away to get the results you want. You get all this for only $49.

Plus if you take advantage of this spell offer I will include the following bonus worth $203.80 for the next 250 people who secure a copy of this downloadable eBook. Remember this special offer is only available for a limited time.


A Complete Selection of Printable Seals
a $29.99 Value yours FREE

When casting Black Magic Spells in the ebook you will be using these Seals.

These seals are magical images designed to attract specific energies to it which help strengthen the spell and focus the energies, so that the desired results are much more easily achieved.

:In order to save you time and frustration I have included 18 seals in their proper colors that you can easily print out.

…wouldn’t you agree that your time is much better spent casting spells than trying to draw a bunch of seals?


Introduction to Demons and Summoning
a $37.95 Value yours FREE

As your knowledge and skills start to grow you will want to find a faster way to manipulate the universe into giving you what your heart desires.

This is were Demons and Summoning comes into play. This is an introduction into the advanced level of Black Magic spell casting.

This will give you an understanding of the powerful dark energies that are available to you by being able to tap into the demon realm.


Spell Casting Check List and Template
a $19.99 Value yours FREE

Even though I’ve giving you a bunch of spells in the eBook, my goal is to teach you how to start creating your own spells.

This is a complete template and check list of what every spell needs in order to be effective. This will allow you to customize your own spells to those individual problems that we all experience in life.

Before long you will be able to take your spell casting ability to the next level.


Complete Dictionary of Magical Terms
a $47.95 Value yours FREE

Ever read a magic book and come across a word and have no idea what it means, then spend hours online looking for the word and still being unsure of what it truly stands for?

That is why I am including a dictionary of magical terms that I have come across in my practice to help you sound like a pro when it comes to spells and black magick.

This is an invaluable resource that will give a complete understanding of all the terms and meanings so that you will not only save yourself valuable time but also increase your knowledge and understanding of the Black Arts.


How to Use the Element to Recharge your Energies
a $29.97 Value yours FREE

Anything worth doing is going to take energy to complete and spell casting is no different. Black Magick requires a lot of power and focus.

For the beginner you may feel an energy drain after completing a spell. We’ve all experienced this in the beginning!

You will learn valuable technique’s that are designed to allow you to recharge your energy on the spot. This will save you time when casting your spells and allow you to cast more powerful spells in a shorter amount of time.


Making your own Voodoo Doll
a $37.95 Value yours FREE

The Voodoo Doll is a perfect tool of black magick.

You will learn the proper technique of crafting the voodoo doll as well as ways to charge it with the energy of others, cursing them, making them fall in love with you and so much more.

You will learn how to capture the soul essence of your enemies in the doll, and then it’s all up to your imagination what you do after that.

“You get our 60 day risk free guarantee!

… As you can see you get a ton of information that will help you learn to be a powerful mage. I am so confident that you will benefit greatly from the information that I am willing to take all the concern out of investing in your development. I am giving you a 60 day 100% money back guarantee!

That’s right you have a full 2 months to learn everything I’ve included here.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason just return everything for a full refund.

Here's how to secure your copy!

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Priestess Akelta


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