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This eBook covers the basic areas of spell casting to assist you for your descent into the world of BLACK MAGIC.

Included are exercises to strengthen your magical awareness.

Plus you also receive two FREE spells to get you started NOW.

This site is owned by Akelta Wild an Occultist and Spiritual Sorceress with over 10 years experience.

She began her practice over 10 years ago after uncovering a family secret. She was a descendent of a long line of gypsies and witches. Her descent into the spiritual world was not a pleasant one. Most of her childhood was spent learning to protect herself from attacking spirits. On her own she had to learn to ward off evil entities and through all her experiences she learned more and more about the sacred art of black magick.

She started to read books of all sorts and learned everything she could about the spirit world and the occult. After going through all those negative experiences she developed ways to protect herself and her friends from any negative force weather it be an evil spirit or a demon.

She has been able to master this area through her first hand experiences. She has experienced all sorts of problems and has developed simple solutions to solve them. Through her passion and dedication she formulated all these experiences into simple solutions that can help you through any problems that you may experience in your journeys.